Wolverhampton Monopoly


The city of Wolverhampton has been celebrated with its own special edition of the classic board game Monopoly. Since its beginnings as leader in the wool trade, Wolverhampton has expanded to become a hub of culture and history with excellent education, sports teams and transport links, and this edition of Monopoly lets you tour the city’s hottest properties, sites, stations and utilities. Invest in houses and hotels and watch the rent come pouring in!

In all, 22 city landmarks appear on the board. Wightwick Manor takes the prestigious Mayfair spot, though it was a close run thing between it and Molineux when the Wolverhampton public was invited to vote. Other squares include St Peter’s Church, the Wulfrun Shopping Centre, Bantock House Museum, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, the Speedway, Wolverhampton Racecourse and Compton Hospice.

Created by Winning Moves UK, Monopoly Wolverhampton  is available online from Amazon.

Monopoly Wolverhampton

Fact or Fiction? Monopoly first hit shop shelves in 1935. Since then many ‘house’ rules have developed – but are they all official? Explore the following and see how many myths you can find.


1.…“You scoop up all the money in the middle of the board for landing on Free Parking.”

2….”When you land on GO you collect double M200."

3….“You cannot buy properties first time round the board.”

4.…“Players sometimes tip up the board in a fury if they have no chance of winning.”


1. FALSE - No money or fines are placed in the middle of the board – a nice myth!

2. FALSE - You collect M200 for Passing GO whether or not you actually land on GO.

3. FALSE - Monopoly is about building up property empires and bankrupting opponents. So inhibiting doing just that even for one GO at the start goes against the spirit of the game.

4. FALSE - The odd person does, but a better way of cutting short your participation if you are losing badly is offering to make a drink - and disappearing!


Joanne Shaw Taylor

Royston Blythe


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