Richard Thompson - Acoustic ClassicsDeclared by Rolling Stone as one of the Top 20 Guitarists Of All Time, Richard Thompson is one of the UK’s best songwriters, receiving a BBC Lifetime Achievement Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting by the Americana Music Association. This brilliant collection features 14 newly recorded, timeless Richard Thompson songs culled from his 40 plus years in music. The album contains reimagined and refined versions of some of his best work as a songwriter, including I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, Dimming of the Day, 1952 Vincent Black Lighting and Beeswing. ‘I really wanted to have something that would reflect the acoustic shows,’ he explains, ‘But we didn’t have anything like that. Just some old, slightly scratchy recordings of solo sets that I wasn’t really happy with.’ Richard Thompson’s last proper solo acoustic release was the live Small Town Romance, and that was more than 30 years ago! In the meantime, his acoustic shows have evolved as a full parallel to his band tours and Richard Thompson toured the UK solo last summer to display his incomparable guitar playing and great songs performed with undiminished passions. You could win a promotional copy of this outstanding CD by answering the following question. Which review on New Classics features Richard Thompson’s politically aware Beatnik Walking? Send your answer on the form below by 19 February 2018, and the best of luck.


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